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Summer Daze

It's the middle of July. The realization that school begins in only a few weeks begins to creep unwelcome into your thoughts - stirring up anxiety, denial, fears of failure… while you wonder what happened to those visions of a summer filled with relaxing moments of iced tea and a book on the back deck! The beautiful, messy, crazy… of vacations, barbeques, kids' activities, family, friends, unforeseen circumstances, home projects, and simply trying to keep up or catch up has postponed all the great planning and preparation you really wanted to do this summer to be ready and "on top of everything" for school this year. With the impossibilities looming, many moms lose much courage here in this place.

Take heart, dear mom. God's got this. Psalm 46:10 puts it like this…. “Be still and know that I am God.”

There is much direction I could give on how to tackle plans for the upcoming year. There are many perspectives and philosophies I'd love to share over a cup of tea. There are resources to explore, curricula to buy, activities to find..... But first...

Be still and trust God. The most loving and wise thing you can do for your family, and for your homeschool, is actually to grow in your relationship with Christ. The more you know Him and His unfathomable love for you, the more you will trust Him, and the more you will seek and find wisdom from Him for every detail and challenge that you are up against. As you look to Christ, pursue Him as the very foundation of your life and family, then pray for wisdom to build up each area of life and school with His direction.

As you know and enjoy Christ more, your vision for the new year will clarify. He will direct your steps and help you every step of the way! So seek Him in the midst of the beautiful, the messy and the crazy of the summer daze. He’s got this!!

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