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Image by Ben White

SHINE Philosophy

S  Special Students!

 Every child has been designed uniquely by God with immeasurable worth, value, purpose and potential.

H  Happy learning!

When learning is filled with joy, fun and discovery, the brain is engaged and students tend to develop a love for learning, a desire to excel, their natural curiosity is fostered, they have better retention and academic performance, and learning continues beyond the “educational” setting, ultimately creating life-long learners.

 I  Individualized Instruction!

Teaching students is most effective when it is based on the student’s individual needs, learning modalities and pacing.  Plans of instruction should be specific to the student, utilizing a variety of methods and/or curriculum that best meet their needs.

N  Nurturing environment!

Learning happens best through relationship in a joy-filled, safe, encouraging, loving and kind environment.  This allows the student to explore, excel, gain confidence and take pride in their work.

E   Engaged for Excellence!

Teaching children to pursue excellence requires engaging them mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, which motivates them, makes new connections, and leads to higher academic performance.

                      We desire for each child to have the opportunity to SHINE!!! 

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