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Individualized educational services for children and families

Our passion is to support families with educational options that will serve their children’s unique educational needs.  Services offered include tutoring, cottage homeschool class, 1 day/week history and/or science enrichment programsenrichment classes and homeschool consultation. Each of these can be “tailor-made” to your specific situation. Contact us to discuss your needs and see if we can offer a helpful solution for you! 


Are you looking for educational solutions for your child? Here are just a few of the types of situations we serve....

  • Children who need individual tutoring for a variety of reasons.

  • Parents who would like to homeschool their children but need a teacher to manage the majority of the schooling.

  • A new homeschooling parent who would like someone to help guide them through the process.

  • A family who is looking for enrichment classes once a week to support your educational needs.

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